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10 Cute Newborn Baby Outfits

10 Cute Newborn Baby Outfits

There is nothing cuter than a newborn baby wearing beautiful clothing that matches their small size and personality.


If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some lovely and nearly foolproof newborn baby outfit ideas that fit most occasions--some are gender-neutral as well and their timeless style will not make you cringe years afterwards as you check their pictures. Plus, they’ll look great in professional photo-shoots too.



No.1: Fuzzy winter one-sie in red and white.

Make your little one look cute and festive for the holiday season by wearing them a cute fluffy one-sie in a snow-white colour with red adorned patterns e.g., red snowflakes or lines. They don’t have to look like a little Santa to look festive--this outfit is appropriate for the entire winter season as well.



No.2: Denim dungarees with a yellow or white t-shirt.

Denim dungarees are a perfect newborn outfit idea as they look both classic and modern, not to mention they are unisex too. If it’s autumn or spring, match these up with a plain white or yellow t-shirt and white socks or white trainers. Otherwise, you can wear them a neutral colour long-sleeve top or sweater for the colder season.



No.3: Grey and black hoodie set.

A modern outfit idea that looks swaggy and very boyish, is to wear them a black and gray hoodie set with a black top and grey solid or striped jogger pants or cotton leggings so they look great and feel comfortable too. This idea is mostly for little boys, but you can make it more girl-friendly if you have a girl by adding some pink accessories e.g., pink hat or shoes.



No.4: Burnt orange onesie and hat.

Embrace the autumn season, in case your newborn was born this time, by wearing them a burnt orange onesie. It looks warm and natural and fits both genders too. If you have a little girl, you can spice it up with a beige knitted tie or a little black hat if you have a baby boy.



No.5: Striped black and white shirt and pink skirt.

A striped, black-white shirt creates a cute and interesting contrast with a bubbly tulle or tiered pink shirt for your little doll. If you want to take it all the way, you can wear your girl white stockings and shiny black ballet shoes. Lovely, right?



No.6: Crochet bunny baby set.

An uber-cute outfit idea that will make your newborn look like a fluffy baby bunny. If you want the result to appear more thoughtful and natural, get a handmade crochet onesie or set with a bunny ear jacket and matching bunny tail shorts or pants, preferably in a gender-neutral colour like white or beige.



No.7: Black shirt and animal print leggings.

Animals prints have been a huge trend the past years and they’ll likely continue to be so. A unisex outfit idea that will make them look like small tigers is to wear them a black shirt with animal print leggings e.g., tiger, cheetah, zebra lines or even snake prints. White trainers will ideally complete this outfit.



No.8: White outfits with a quote.

All-white outfits are currently a growing trend in adult and kids’ fashion and newborns are perfect models for this as white as colour symbolizes innocence and purity, just like their baby souls. If you wish to add a little character in their all-white outfits, choose a white top with cute small quote e.g., “mummies’ boy”, “luv my parents”, etc. It will make their outfits appear more interesting.



No.9: “50 shades-of gray” outfit.

In addition to all-white outfits, you can dress your tiny one in multiple shades of gray, an idea which is still trending and looks classy and elegant. For instance, you can wear them a light bluish grey as a top or romper, graphite gray jogger pants and a stone gray knitted hat.



No.10: Fluffy bear outfit.

Another cute alternative to dressing your newborn in a fluffy bunny outfit is to dress them in a fluffy bear outfit, preferably in warm brown hue. Whether you are going for a onesie or a set, you won’t have to style this up with extra accessories e.g., ties or hats as it is a complete and statement piece on its own.



So, there you go--10 cute newborn baby outfits for taking lovely pictures and fishing for compliments (after all, you will take the final credit for putting them together).


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