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10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Nowadays, being a mum is extra challenging as we must juggle up multiple roles and tasks at the same time. The average mum, besides the obvious duties of motherhood (as if they are not enough on their own), is a professional, a wife, a cooker, a cleaner, a friend and many other things that make 24 hours seem too little for catching up with all these time-consuming things.


If you are a busy mum with little time to do everything you need to do, here are 10 time-saving tips for busy mums that will free up some of your time so you can happily spend it with yourself or your kids.


#1 Have a schedule.

There is an old quote that says, “failure to plan is planning for failure” and is certainly true in this case. Having a daily schedule with all your to-do things listed will serve as a guide so you know exactly what to do and at what time of the day e.g., wake up at 8:00, make kids breakfast at 8:15, go to work at 8:40, cook at 12: 00p.m, etc. You can either keep a traditional agenda or an online agenda in your smartphone with reminders so you can track your time and not miss anything.



#2 Prepare meals in advance.

Not everyone has the time to spare at least an hour every day to prepare family’s food and ordering food frequently is no good for your pocket either. A great time and cost-effective alternative would be to dedicate 2-3 hours a couple of times per week to prepare your family’s meals in advance. Make a shopping list and gather everything you need at once, so you don’t have to go extra trips to groceries shop and waste even more time by the end of the week.



#3 Ask your kids to help.

Whether you have small or big kids, asking them to help and do some chores isn’t a bad parental practice. In fact, as long as the chores you assign your kids are age-appropriate, not only will you save some time doing minor things, but they will also benefit too as they’ll learn how to be responsible and organize themselves from a very young age. Once they learn to do things right, you won’t have to supervise them much and a big weight will be lifted off your shoulders.



#4 Arrange grocery deliveries.

Many local markets offer free or low-cost grocery delivery services that are only a phone call or click away. This is a huge time saver as going back and forth to get your groceries can take as much as 3 hours every time, especially if you have many things to buy at once or if your local supermarket is more than a 15-minute drive away from your home.



#5 Order stuff online.

If you wish to buy some extra stuff e.g clothes, household items or anything seasonal, ordering them online will certainly save much of your time strolling down the actual store’s hallways. If you have a clear idea of what you’ll buy, shopping online will take you only a few minutes as opposed to several hours spent in the store.



#6 Get your stuff organized.

A home full of clutter not only looks unappealing it also leads to mental clutter, stress and wasted time looking up for things that you be easily found when in place. Keep things in boxes or use separators based on the item’s category, colour, or size e.g., keep your kid’s pencils and stationery all in one place. That way you’ll know exactly where to search and find what you need in seconds.



#7 Set your bills to autopay.

Sorting out your bills is another big time-spender as they’ll quickly pile up and you have to pay them promptly before they are due. Instead of paying for your bills the traditional way, one by one, you cand set up automatic payment orders through your credit card or banking account and they will be paid automatically at a certain date each month.



#8 Request house cleaning services.
House cleaning chores are sometimes a nuisance as they never actually end and if you live in a large home, you may spare up more than 20 hours a week to clean and tidy up everything. If you have a bit of extra cash, hiring a professional house cleaner 1-2 a week to do all the heavy tasks will be a good investment for your buck and time.


#9 Buy finished products.

While going DIY will most likely help you save a few bucks, some things are better off finished and assembled from their boxes. Sure, knitting a blanket for your kids can be fun but it actually takes several days or even weeks to be finished when you can just buy a good ol’ blanket from your local store instead.



#10 Control your social media time.

Nowadays more and more people are addicted to social media and spend a great deal of their time daily doing stupid random stuff e.g., uploading selfies or playing candy crush. If you want to save some time for more productive and valuable things, keep track of your social media use and use blocker apps if possible, to block your access after a certain time e.g., 6 p.m.



So, there you go--10 time-saving tips for busy mums that are aimed at saving you much of your time daily so you can spend more time with your kids or yourself!



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