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5 Back to School Styles for Toddler Boys

5 Back to School Styles for Toddler Boys

Is your little prince going back to school??


Going back to school can be both exciting and challenging time as your little one may be used to a certain at-home routine, especially now that we are all staying at home for the quarantine. However, you can give your boy incentives to make them go back to school with ease--looking great in chosen clothes is one!


So, if you are looking for some inspiration, here are 5 back to school styles for toddler boys that we believe are worth checking out. You can even play it smart and give them a choice between these 5 items, so you are both happy with the outfit. Most of these go nicely with each other so no need to worry about any mismatches.




Check shirts. Checkered or gingham shirts in kids and adults are both classic and modern choice that will never get out of style. Boys shirts in contrasting colours like black and red, blue and white or yellow and green for the more adventurous are a great way to spice up an ordinary boys outfit, especially denim outfits. Unlike other styles, they manage to look stylish and sophisticated but never too over-the-top. Your little boy will definitely look smart and trendy in their check shirt, more so if you pair it up with the right pants and accessories to match.




Dark denim. The previous summer was all about bright as well as pastel colours and denim with neon details and other little adornments. However, dark denim pants and jackets are perfect for the 2020-21 Autumn to winter school season for quite a few reasons. Dark denim colours like black, dark blue or graphite grey look uber stylish and elegant and are also quite versatile as they match nearly every colour out there--even check or other multiple colour patterns. Plus, they look great with boys’ sneakers, college shoes, and even more formal designs if you wish to style your little on up for another occasion besides school.




Bomber jackets. Bomber jackets were once a utility jacket for men in military positions but now, they are so widespread and trendy that even toddlers can wear them--and look great too while doing so. Besides making your little boy look extra puffy and cute, they are also comfortable and offer basic protection from environmental elements such as rain and wind. And they also come in various colours and styles: from buttoned white or black bomber jackets to zipped neon jackets, if you wish to make your toddler boy stand out. We are almost sure your toddler won’t have a problem wearing them as they are so comfy and snuggly.



Bright hoodies. For those autumn-winter days that are not so cold and if your little one complains that you wear them too many clothes, comfy hoodies and sweatshirts in bright neon colours are a great eye-popping idea. The neon colour trend that was huge back in the 80s is now back in fashion and toddlers are perhaps the best models for this trend as they’ll look cute and bright no matter what. We especially like boys hoodies in neon green, neon blue and neon yellow or orange. The latter may look to bright for the winter season, however, don’t be mistaken. They are actually in for the autumn-winter season as well.



All-white t-shirts. While bold and bright colours are currently trending in kids and adult fashion, there is something that will stay on trend for quite some time to come: all-white shirts and t-shirts. They may look boring to some, but their beauty is that you can style them up and down depending on the rest of your boy’s outfit or the occasion. White as a colour conveys purity and innocence and these are qualities that match a toddler’s style and spirit. On the downside, white t-shirts may get dirty easily but don’t worry as you can clean them just as easily afterwards.


Looking for more specific outfit ideas that combine two or more of the above back to school styles for toddler boys’ styles? Here are some:

  • Red and black checkered shirt, black denim pants, white trainers, and black bomber jacket.
  • White t-shirt on the inside, blue bomber jacket, dark grey denim pants and black or red boys’ trainers.
  • White t-shirt, neon green hoodie, blue denim pants and yellow or white trainers with a bit of chunky sole.


The first choice will make your little boy look more elegant and sophisticated while the second and third outfit choices have a more laid-back and brighter vibe that is perfect for daily occasions e.g., going to school.


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