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8 Trending Fall Winter Clothes For Kids

8 Trending Fall Winter Clothes For Kids

The 2020-21 Autumn-Winter season is here for good and there several stylish ways your little one can embrace the cold weather indoors or outdoors. This season is all about mixed and distinct patterns and colours in kids fashion with a few classic and vintage references, especially from the 70s and 80s.

So which kids clothing items are currently trending? According to baby celebrity stylists, these items are totally “in” for the season:


  1. Mixed florals. We tend to associate florals with the spring season mostly, but there are some types of cool floral patterns that your kid can easily sport during the cold fall-winter season too. Fabrics with leafy florals in deep green, brown and orange hues are great for fall whereas cooler florals in blue, black, pink and grey hues are great for winter. Just make sure, when styling your kid that you don’t combine two different florals in a single outfit or it may look “too much”.


  1. Pops of neon. Neon colors used to be a top trend back in the 80s that is now back in the spotlight, but in a more modern sophisticated way. While some may think “summer” when they see neon colors, incorporating a few pops of neon in your kid’s outfit will definitely revive an otherwise “meh” result and give it some brightness, without looking too summery or excessive. Look for neon lines or other details in jackets, leggings, dresses, and pants if you don’t want your kid to go full neon.


  1. Puffer jackets. Puffy jackets have been a trend for 5 years and will definitely continue to be this season too, as evidenced by adult and kid shows. There is just something very cute and squishy to wearing puffer jackets, especially when these jackets are worn by our little friends. Trending colors for this season include khaki, graphite grey, white, off-white and burgundy red. These colors are also unisex and so you don’t have to choose again between the ordinary blue and pink hues.


  1. Gingham & checked pants and skirts. A vintage trend that has managed to stay in fashion for many years and is here to stay, gingham and checked clothing items could not be missing from a child’s wardrobe. Whether you go for two-tone styles e.g., black and white gingham, red and black checked, or multiple tones checked patterns, checked patterns will always make your child look classic and stylish at the same time. It’s also a more subtle alternative to florals and neon colors for this season.


  1. Red boots. Remember the famous tale “puss in boots” that generations of kids have been growing up with? The iconic knee-high red boots that the cat was often depicted to wear are a huge girl’s fashion trend this season. They are definitely a statement piece and you can make your little lady wear them with other neutral colours such as black, grey or white to achieve a more elegant and stylish result. You can also find them in several finishes and textures--shiny, velvet, leather, and castor to name a few.


  1. Puffy sleeves. A trend that we have seen a lot in the runways, puffy sleeves are here to add another dimension to winter and fall girls outfits. Puffy sleeves add a bit of volume and look absolutely cute when worn together with fitted pieces e.g skinny jeans or leggings. They also have a royal flair to them which is reminiscent of medieval queen eras. Therefore if you see them in stores, don’t pass them as they are definitely in for the season.


  1. Military jackets. Military jackets with multiple buttons have been an adult fashion trend for years and while it may look a bit too formal and mature for kids fashion, it’s actually great when paired with other classic items in neutral colors. We especially like blue or green buttoned jackets for boys and white or red solid-colour buttoned jackets for girls. If you want your kid to appear more casual and laid-back but still trendy, army puffer jackets are a great choice.


  1. Jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are not only for babies and women--they are a lovely statement piece for older kids too. This trend was huge back in the 90s and now, we luckily have much more options of jumpsuits to choose from--knitted, vinyl, leather, cotton, denim, and velvet. Knitted ones especially offer more warmth whereas denim and velvet ones are probably the most comfortable and stylish. They can also be worn from day to night as well and save you from the hassle of having to take off multiple pieces of clothes every time you undress your kid.



Honestly, we do want to provide a visual representation of this fashion trends, BUT, as a Mom, I learned that we do create our own interpretation. Therefore, Mom's and/ or  Dad's or Grandparents, may our imagination help shape the trends. And whatever that trend based from what we wrote above, make it your own. I am sure our small and mighty ones will love it no matter what. 


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