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Momma diary entry….“So tired”

Momma diary entry….“So tired”

Momma diary entry, March 25, 2018, 9:37 PM….


I am so tired.

My mind was fixed with feeding schedule for my twins. I am not complaining with taking care of my girls, but my head is dizzy with making things right...from feeding schedule, sleeping habit, solid food strategies, hitting developmental milestones, etc. Thinking about it makes me delirious. I want to make things right.

Then it hit me.

Bringing up kids will never be right.

It is a journey. I found myself obsessing about everything that will make my girls healthier, safer and most of all have the best fighting chance in life. It is my duty and obligation. A responsibility I placed on myself. Well, no wonder I am dizzy.

I finally realized that life is not about doing it right but living a life you think is right.

No judgment.


Just take the ownership in life because no one else will be responsible for what you are doing except you. So, no judgment. Just do it.

Remember, you will be tired. Feeling the need to give up. Don't!

Just step back. Give yourself a time to reflect then make the choice.

Life with kids gave me incredible life lessons.

It made me the leader who I want to be, a woman I know I can be and a person I am proud to be. You are too.



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