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When a newborn arrived, everyone's eyes are on the baby. What we tend to overlook is the transformation that happens.... from the parents. We easily shift our focus to the new bundle of joy. Yet, the true rebirth occurs to the new Moms and Dads. They became a different human being. As parents, we suddenly become overwhelmed or overprepared. The common theme, we are weakened with just the sudden gaze of those tiny eyes, tiny mouth, and tiny body. Ours came at 33 weeks. Two daughters where a family of two became four. Our car is now suddenly crowded. 

We wanted to have children for so long. We chose to be parents. We yearned for this family. 

After a month in NICU, they were both ours in our home. Panic set-in on our first night and at the same time relief. Leaving them in the NICU after a visit felt like I was abandoning them every day. It was an overwhelming 30 days indeed. 

As a Mom-to-be, I was organized. Throughout the pregnancy and 16 years prior to that, I knew what must-haves I should buy. Each item was meticulously researched from reading reviews, price, and cuteness. And the real test of all this preparation arrived when our twins were at home. I was frustrated. I questioned my decisions for every baby item I bought and crudely made remarks on why these baby items were not "practically" made for babies/ toddlers. Who would place buttons on baby jackets?! And jackets, why would anyone buy a buttoned jacket for a 6-month-old baby? Much more who thought about creating them? They were cute but useless. It dawned on me that baby/ kids’ clothes and toys were not made for practical reasons.

So, here we are, a store meant to provide true practical items for your new human into little rascals.  Small and Mighty Kids Store was born out of grit, resilience, and practical reasons.  Like my preemies, they were small at birth but as life unfolds, they are growing like mighty little people who thrived to live. And same as we did as parents.... thrived to continuously be mighty for them.